October update

During October, we continued working on the western district of the city. This side is well advanced and starting to give some interesting insights: The city is coming slowly but surely alive.

We also continued to the south of the city, as the pedestrian street called “the street of the mountain“ is almost finished. We also worked on some surrounding street.

We added some new urban props, which allows us to better understand the perspectives and the organization of the city. Many streets are one-way, which is why the roads looks small on our screens.

We completed a small hundred buildings, we see the city growing little by little, where each district is erected one after the other. The city still lacks some places of curiosity so that we can immerse ourselves, but we will work on that during the next incremental update.

For now, we are still far to the complete city, some neighborhoods have been achieved which allows us to realize how huge this project is. We hope you enjoyed this update. Please consider subscribing to our newsletter to be informed of the progress of this project. Until that, cheers!

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