September update

Last month, we built the foundation of the city. We started with the heart of the town which is made up of about 10 different buildings and built around the main roundabout. One of them is the town hall, which is where the council operates. You’ll also be able to meet council staff to help you with all community related services including weddings, voting and other public matters.

On the other side of the main square, there’s a pedestrian street called “the street of the mountain“. It’s currently in an early stage, but we can already see that it’s adding different landscapes to our city. This street will go down to the canal, which is where the train station will also be located. For the moment, we can also see the Post Office building, as well as two retail shops.

We have also started the west side of the city, but this district is far from being finished. We have completed about fifty buildings in total, with them all being uniquely made. This area is overlooked by another square and will provide a popular nice area where you can have a drink with your friends. There’s also some good stores planned, including an excellent pizzeria.

Finally, we strive to make each of the streets unique. We hope that the Source2 engine gives us the possibility of such a large and detailed map with every building being accessible including the upper floors, thus offering unique living spaces for citizens.

For now, we only started the western districts of the city, but we hope you enjoyed this first visit. Please consider subscribing to our newsletter to be informed of the progress of this project. Until that, cheers!

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